It is time.

I’m leaving for residential (Renfrew Philly) some time within the next 10 days. I haven’t gotten an official date yet, but all my test results should be in by tomorrow and I’ll probably have at least the weekend to prepare.

My mother won’t speak to me since I told her they were stepping me up from day treatment to res. She’s mad at me for some reason, God knows why. But whatever. she can be as mad as she wants, this treatment will be a lot cheaper than paying for my funeral in a few years when I probably would have died of heart failure or something.

But there it is. I’ve been in day treatment for 3 weeks as of tomorrow. And I’ll be going away to res for a few weeks, how long is up in the air still.

I’m not prepared for this at all.

clearly i haven’t been able to write anything of substance lately.

I’ve been declining as far as mental health goes. I’m purging much more regularly now. I’m always having the thought of “I should probably purge that” after I eat pretty much anything these days. I’ve been purging a few times a week and this past week that amount has probably doubled. oh well.

It’s been a rough-ish week. J had relatives visiting (aunt, uncle and grandpa) so there was a lot more people in the house which created more anxiety for me. It def fucked with my head and such. It was nice having them, but still very stressful for me. This weekend was busy, I went to a barbecue yesterday with J’s sister at her fiances house. Today J and I went with his sister and her fiance to go blueberry picking. Tomorrow J and I might go to the beach and possibly work on fixing my bike up a bit.

I’ve lost 2 pounds this week. But I actually feel somewhat ok with my body. I still want to lose more, but i’d be fairly content staying where I’m at.

I’m planning on calling a treatment center this week (likely on tuesday). so we’ll see how that goes. If they don’t work out I have one other option in the state I can try. Otherwise I don’t know what I’m going to do if they turn me down.

I’m actually considering doing residential, for only the absolute minimum amount of time possible. But i’m actually considering it right now. which is very new. I’ve been very against any kind of residential/inpatient, but now i’m thinking it might not be a terrible idea.

I don’t know. I guess we’ll see what happens.

I’m still alive

In case any of you were wondering. My laptop was broken for a while and then my phone went too. But both are back now. I just don’t know what to say.

I’m not doing well. I’m purging again. Everything I do is just a way to push back the inevitable binge and purge. That’s all i can think about lately. I can distract myself with notes and workbooks and sewing and reading and crocheting all I want. but the biggest thing going through my head is when can I get my next fix.

That rush. The surge. The energy. The flow. The pain. The numbness. The racing heartbeat. The light headedness. The empty, quiet head space.

The only time I can actually stand to be alive and in this body is after the purge. the quiet and empty head space is like nothing else. There is no noise, no thoughts, no static. Just silence. I live for that.

My brain is constantly churning. Creating static electricity. It sounds like the static and hum and buzz of a radio turned to a not-quite-there-station. You know they ones, where it is just loud static and white noise with some mumbling or loud noises or a few notes of music that bleed through? That’s the one. Now turn 10 radios (at least) on to one of those stations and put the volume on full blast. turn on 5 more radios on real AM radio stations at full blast. That is my brain. Every day. Nonstop. Everlasting.

There is no silence. So I purge to temporarily unplug all those radios. Like a short circuit. The power eventually comes back on and the radios blast out their noise and I am back in hell again.

shaking in my boots

I have so much to lose this time around with my eating disorder that it’s actually truly terrifying. the rest of my ed i didn’t have anything to lose but my life and i didn’t care about that. but now? I have so much more, so many good things that i don’t want to lose and yet i’m still here and i’m more terrified than ever of losing them. and it’s just, oddly enough, triggering me to use more behaviors, but instead of restricting it’s causing me to binge (i stress binge..) and that’s just making me more miserable and i’ve wanted to cry all day and had to try really really fucking hard not to and i’ve wanted to take more laxatives today though i haven’t yet but i might later. and i’m so so so tempted to purge because of it and i don’t know what i’ll do if i do actually purge. i’ll probably go on a rampage of b/ping and i don’t want to hurt myself but fuck who knows i might. and now that J is here full time if he sees me get to that point… i don’t know what he’ll do and i don’t want to lose him.


fuck this semester as far as classes go. i’m not taking any. i still need to pay off last semesters bill because they decided to screw me over and charge me more money for some reason. so i need to deal with that and them work on my shop and hopefully promote it enough to make enough money to go back to school for the fall semester. this whole adult thing sucks.

and as far as treatment goes: it’s not happening unless i lose more weight. this isn’t an eating disordered thought anymore, it’s the absolute truth because my mother will guilt trip me to hell if i go in soon while she thinks i’m “better because i look fine” and so the only way to convince her and not have her guilt trip me out of treatment (and then getting worse anyway and having to go back into treatment because she may then deem me worthy of getting help) and it’s just fucking fucked up. so i have to give into my disorder more and lose myself more and get sicker just to prove that i still have this disorder that i’ve had for more than half my life. so shit sucks.

well yeah my disorder is happy about it, but i’m not -like i’m practically in tears because it’s not even an option to try and call the place and get admitted/go outpatient. like she was supposed to be learning things with my sister in her treatment but she’s too thick in the head to get it. and the fact that my sister has a “classic” case of anorexia doesn’t help either. my disorder has morphed into something else that can’t really be defined by any one category anymore. and she just doesn’t see that and telling her how bad it is/was in the past won’t do shit because if i say things i’ve done in the past her answer will be “well you’re not doing that anymore right? so you’re fine.” that will literally be her answer i can tell you that already. and then having her tell me while i’m there possibly in family therapy that i shouldn’t be there because i’m not that bad is just the worst fucking thing. and i really hate this whole thing and any time i think about it now i just start getting tears in my eyes because it fucking sucks and i should have never said anything in the first place to her about wanting treatment because it really has just fucked me over

not much to update on. my weight is back to 96lbs. my parents don’t think i’m sick anymore because i wore makeup on christmas and therefore my “color” was better and i didn’t look like shit so i’m magically cured of the disorder i’ve had for more than half my life whoop-de-fucking-do. so i’m feeling like shit from that.

and my sister is at least maintaining her weight now and isn’t losing more, she’s not inpatient though. they’re doing a half assed out patient with the pediatrician because the place she was going to wanted to lock her in a room and stuff her with food until she was medically stable. so my mom wasn’t having any of that. but she has stabilized for the most part now. her blood pressure is nearing normal (it’s actually higher than mine).

but this pretty much puts treatment off the table for me. I was going to talk with my mom on christmas about my treatment options and then that whole shit storm happened and here I am. basically if I try to do treatment I’ll get guilt tripped/yelled at for “wasting money” on something i don’t really need because i “look fine” in other words i need to lock myself in a room without food for 2 weeks and lose enough weight to bring my bmi lower than my sisters and never wear makeup again. right now my bmi is 18.7 and my sisters is around 18, give or take a bit (i’m not sure what height they’re calculating it from, but i’m going with the one that is probably most accurate for her based on past doctors etc). so i really don’t have all that much more to lose, i’d need to be 92 pounds to get to a bmi of 18. by the time i hit 90 pounds i’ll have a bmi of 17.6. so 4-6 pounds should do it? maybe more just to be sure.

i don’t know. it’s bullshit. and this bullshit makes me want to binge -which i kind of did last night. and i almost purged too. fuck. i’m over a year purge free and this bullshit from my family is making me more than tempted to go into that territory again. fuck.